Almost 70 percent of progressive voters think Biden should suspend campaign: Poll

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Almost 70 percent of progressive voters think Biden should suspend campaign: Poll

Nearly 70 percent of progressive voters say President Biden should suspend his campaign after last week’s debate performance, a new survey found.

The poll, conducted by Our Revolution, surveyed more than 17,000 progressive Democratic voters and found 67 percent of them say it’s time for Biden to step aside.

The calls for a new candidate were squashed by the White House and Biden campaign in recent days. Biden and his team insist he is ready to beat former President Trump.

Although Biden’s lackluster debate performance has sparked panic among Democrats about his ability to lead the country and take on Trump in the polls this November, he hasn’t lost immense amounts of support among progressive voters.

Just 32 percent of respondents say they’re less likely to support Biden after the debate, while 57 percent say his performance didn’t affect their support.

The results indicate that while Democrats are urging the party to find a replacement candidate to top the ticket, they may fall in line if Biden stays to take on Trump.

The survey was first reported Tuesday in Politico Playbook.

Fifteen percent of progressives say they are unlikely or very unlikely to vote for Biden if he remains the nominee, and 11 percent are unsure what they would do. Sixty-five percent say they are very likely going to vote for Biden, the survey found.

Generally, progressive voters said they are worried about Trump winning the election. Thirty-eight percent say they feel sad, 35 percent feel frustrated and 11 percent are angry after the debate. Just 9 percent of progressives feel fired up or hopeful, the survey found.

The Our Revolution survey was conducted among 17,410 progressive voters via email in the 72 hours immediately following the debate.