Gaza protesters disrupt Harris appearance on Jimmy Kimmel show

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Gaza protesters disrupt Harris appearance on Jimmy Kimmel show

Vice President Harris’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” this week was disrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters.

“15,000 children dead because of you!” a protester shouted at Harris on stage Tuesday night. “Stop the genocide!”

“You’re a murderer!” another shouted.

“Kamala Harris. Please stop sending money to Israel!” one said.

Kimmel said the protesters were disrupting his “flow” and apologized to the vice president for the interruption.

In a video compilation posted online by anti-war group CodePink, someone off camera can be heard telling spectators that if anyone else has “anything to say, this is the time.”

The protesters appeared to be escorted out of the audience and music was played to drown out their shouting.

In a release online, CodePink said protesters were representing China Valley for Palestinian Liberation, Palestinian Christians for Justice and Pasadena for Palestine.

The organization said security guards approached a few protesters before Harris took the stage and “forced them to leave.”

Once the vice president was on stage, protesters “set off a chain of disruptions” that the group said led to the “illegal detainment and physical assault of some of the activists by security.”

The Hill has reached out to the late-night show for comment.

According to “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Harris spoke about Roe v. Wade being overturned, former President Trump’s attempts to overturn the Affordable Care Act and his recent hush money conviction.