Buck on leaving Congress: More to life than ‘arguing about nothing and telling lies’

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Buck on leaving Congress: More to life than ‘arguing about nothing and telling lies’

Former Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) reflected on his time in Congress and ultimate decision to resign earlier this year in an interview Monday, saying there’s more to life than “arguing.”

“There’s a lot of life out there besides arguing about nothing and telling lies, and so I made a choice to go enjoy what I’ve got left,” Buck said during an appearance on “The Daily Show” with host Jon Stewart.

Buck, who announced his retirement from the House in March, explained that he wouldn’t follow suit with many of his former colleagues who have pushed President Trump’s unsubstantiated claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

“I left because I couldn’t tell the lie,” Buck said, when asked by Stewart if he missed Congress or felt as if he’d left anything undone. “[The] 2020 election wasn’t stolen. The Jan. 6 defendants aren’t political prisoners.”

The Colorado Republican has often sparred with some of Trump’s closest allies in the party, including Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.). Greene, whom he has labeled as “Moscow Marjorie” over allegations that she has spread Russian propaganda, has been fervent in her belief that the election was stolen.

The host also asked the former lawmaker what he thought would break the current “fever” in Washington, D.C. Buck replied that the country needs another leader who would “unify” the nation with “great leadership” skills.

“I think there is a leader out there that will unify and help unify America, and it’s somebody who has great morals, somebody who has great leadership skills,” Buck said in the interview, highlighted by Mediaite. “A John F. Kennedy. You know, I probably wouldn’t have said this 20 years ago, that he was a great hero, but you look at what John F. Kennedy did in terms of bringing the country together during the Cold War and moving us forward.

“There is somebody there that will help America heal and move forward,” he added.

Stewart then asked if he had someone in mind to fit that mold. 

“I know it’s not Ken Buck,” he responded, adding, “And I know that it’s not one of the two candidates leading the country in the polls right now,” referring to Trump and President Biden.

Buck, who was serving his fifth term before announcing his retirement from the lower chamber, said in late March that he had no regrets about leaving his seat before the term ended and was “happy to move on.”

In Monday’s interview, Stewart suggested the former lawmaker was a victim of cancel culture. Buck seemed to brush off that idea.

“Well, one, I’m not a victim,” he said. “If anything, I am absolutely blessed beyond belief with six grandkids.”