'You hate Donald Trump!' Lawyer accuses Stormy Daniels of vendetta – Business Insider

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'You hate Donald Trump!' Lawyer accuses Stormy Daniels of vendetta – Business Insider

During a fiery cross-examination in the New York hush-money trial, porn star Stormy Daniels fought back against a defense lawyer’s accusations that she has a vendetta against Donald Trump — and that she tried to extort him.
“Am I correct that you hate President Trump?” defense lawyer Susan Necheles demanded early in Tuesday afternoon’s questioning.
Daniels looked directly at Necheles, her voice crisp as she answered.
“Yes,” Daniels said.
“And you want him to go to jail, right?” Necheles pursued.
“I want him to be held responsible,” Daniels snapped back.
“You want him to go to jail, am I correct?” Necheles asked.
“If he is found guilty, absolutely,” Daniels answered.
The tense exchange came after nearly four hours of direct testimony, in which Daniels described the one-night-stand she says she had with the then-Apprentice star in 2006.
“It was hard to get my shoes on because my hands were shaking so hard,” she told jurors of getting dressed after what she described as a regrettable encounter.
Trump has denied there was an encounter.
Prosecutors say Trump falsified 34 business records in order to hide a $130,000 hush money payment to Daniels that purchased her silence just 11 days before the 2016 election.
Trump and Daniels have long called each other names on social media.
In a classic exchange from October 2018, the then-president called Daniels “horseface” in a tweet, as he celebrated a federal judge dismissing her defamation lawsuit against him.

“Game on, Tiny,” responded Daniels, in a callback to her then-new book, Full Disclosure, in which she mocked his genitalia.
On Tuesday, the lawyer-witness exchange over this tawdry and long-running war of words led a female alternate juror to roll her eyes.
Necheles raised her voice as she confronted Daniels with a 2022 tweet in which Daniels called Trump an “orange turd.”
“I don’t owe him shit and I’ll never give that orange turd a dime,” Daniels had tweeted.
“And that’s you calling President Trump names, right?” Necheles asked.
“In retaliation for what he said to me, yes,” Daniels answered.
“And that’s you making fun of how he looks, right?” Necheles asked.
“Correct,” Daniels answered.
“So when you were asked on your direct examination if he called you ‘horseface,’ you call him names all the time, right?” Necheles shouted, in what was as much an accusation as a question.
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“Yes,” Daniels answered quickly. “Because he made fun of me first.”
“So one of you started it, but you both continue it, right?” Necheles asked, her voice still loud.
“Correct,” Daniels answered defiantly, at which point the alternate’s eyes rolled.
Trump had appeared visibly downcast — and angry — during Daniels’ direct testimony, as she described their conversation before the alleged encounter at a celebrity golf tournament at Lake Tahoe, months after the birth of his son with Melania Trump.
Trump compared Daniels to his daughter, Ivanka, and assured her that he and his wife kept separate bedrooms, the porn star testified.
At one point, Trump became so visibly agitated — even “audibly cursing” at the defense table — that the judge called the attorneys to the bench, and threatened to hold the GOP frontrunner in contempt.

Daniels also described feeling ashamed and scared after the encounter.
Her fear increased in 2011, she told jurors, after she gave an interview about the encounter to In Touch magazine.
The piece never ran. But soon after her interview, a male stranger threatened her and her infant daughter in a Los Vegas parking lot, she told jurors.
During these descriptions, Trump slumped in his chair. He kept his chin down and watched Daniels’ testimony on the large screen on the wall opposite him, raising only his eyes.
But on cross, Trump’s mood visibly lightened as Necheles questioned Daniels about why she waited to go public with her Lake Tahoe story, and why she never filed a police report about the stranger.
His chin rose, and his scowl disappeared.
“Mr. Trump, how’s it going in there?” a reporter asked him in the hallway during a break in the cross-examination.
“Very well,” Trump answered.
At another point in grilling Daniels, Necheles accused the porn star of cashing in on a false “claim” of sex.
She used the word “extort” to describe Daniels’ motive.
“You were looking to get — extort money from President Trump, right?” Necheles asked.
“False,” Daniels snapped back.
“Well, that’s what you did, right?’ Necheles asked.
“False,” Daniels answered again.
“You’ve been making money by claiming you had sex with Donald Trump for more than a decade, right?” the lawyer asked some minutes later.
“I’ve been making money by telling my story about what happened to me,” Daniels answered.
“And that story has made you a lot of money, right?” Necheles demanded.
“It has also cost me a lot of money,” Daniels answered.
Daniels’ cross-examination is expected to continue Thursday morning.
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