Fetterman on Phillips’ long-shot bid: ‘He’s just been humiliated again and again’

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Fetterman on Phillips’ long-shot bid: ‘He’s just been humiliated again and again’

Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) said Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) long-shot bid against President Biden has humiliated the lawmaker “again and again.”

Fetterman joined CNN’s Abby Phillip Friday evening, where he scoffed at the mention of Phillips’s name. He reacted to a clip of Phillips declaring that the Democratic Party should have done more to urge Biden to “pass the torch,” as questions around the President’s age and mental competency continue to cloud his reelection efforts.

“What’s sad is to have some guy with way too much money and he wants to piss it away and somehow help Trump at this point. So, he has the right to do that, but he’s just been humiliated again and and again and again,” Fetterman said, Mediaite highlighted.

Phillips announced in October that he would be challenging Biden for the Democratic nomination. After previously signaling he would not run, Phillips said Biden has done a great job as president, but it was time to provide someone younger the opportunity to lead.

Phillips is one of the wealthiest members of Congress, and is heir to his stepfather’s distilling company empire. He is also former co-owner of gelato company Talenti.

Fetterman argued that Phillips, like all of the GOP candidates who jumped in the race against former President Trump, are “irrelevant.”

“It’s going to come down to that same choice between Trump and Biden,” Fetterman predicted.

Phillips backtracked last month from his original plan of suspending his campaign by March 5 if he didn’t gain enough momentum. He said in January that he would now stay in the race “as long as it takes” to have a match-up with Trump.