Haley dismisses Trump’s strong lead: People are ‘getting tired’ of ‘drama and chaos’

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Haley dismisses Trump’s strong lead: People are ‘getting tired’ of ‘drama and chaos’

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley dismissed former President Trump’s strong lead in the polls, arguing people are “getting tired” of the “drama and chaos” that “follow” the former president.

Pointing to a recent piece from The Hill on Trump’s massive lead in the polls dealing a blow to rivals, Fox News anchor Shannon Bream asked Haley how she plans to convince primary voters to abandon someone with such a strong lead in the polls, especially after recent polling indicates Trump and President Biden in tight hypothetical rematches in 2024.

“I think certainly Trump has some strong support,” Haley said on Sunday. “I’ve always said he was the right president at the right time, and I agree with a lot of his policies. The problem is drama and chaos follow him. Whether or not, it is constantly following him and Americans feel… it. And so I think you can look at that with our elections over and over again, we paid a price for it.”

“I’ll tell you that I think people are getting tired of the drama and the chaos and the negativity,” Haley said, pointing to inflation, problems at the border, rising crime and education issues.

Haley said it is “really important” to have someone who wins the general election by a large margin. In order to do this, Haley argued a candidate needs to be able to beat Biden between “9 and 13 points” instead of just by “2 or 3 points like Trump does.”

“That way we win up and down the ticket, governor’s races, congressional seats, all of those seats,” Haley said. “That’s what we’re trying to do — is not just win the presidential, we want to win across the board. I can do that.”

Recent polls from The New York Times, CNN, CBS News and Emerson College have shown Trump leading Biden in a hypothetical 2024 matchup both in key swing states and at the national level.

Haley’s points have been a central focus of her campaign, in which she has argued Trump can’t win a general election and repeatedly has pointed to polls showing her beating Biden in a hypothetical 2024 matchup.